How to grow business on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media

how to grow business on instagram, facebook, pinterest and social media

how to grow business on instagram, facebook, pinterest and social media 

              How to grow business on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube etc? You can grow your business on the following social media platforms and can increase your sales and brand awareness very quickly. As you can see every big business is on these social media platforms and they are available 24/7 to assist their customers and users.

                   Social media platforms play a very important role in the growth of your small business or big business. So if you are still doing offline business, then according to the modern world you are standing in the last of a line. Ever you asked yourself " why you are making little or a few sales per day?". This is because you are not aware of online business. 

How to convert your local shop into an Online store?

                  Suppose if you have a grocery store in Los Angle, and you sell your products only to those people who visit your grocery store. Only sales make when someone visit, then why you do not start an online store, so if people are using social media platforms can see your store products from their phone and can send you payments online and you deliver them product through the delivery bus. You can also earn some profit with delivery charges also. It means you have now two businesses, you are getting profit from both but selling only from one business.



And you can also come on top in search engines, so you can increase your sales. You know trillions of people are searching on the internet about the products they want and they are buying. So if you target only local people, then you have great chances to dominate search engines with your website on 1st page.

Here are the steps to make your business online: 

Develop or Build a Business Website

                     The first step to convert your business from offline to online is to create or build a professional, responsive and SEO friendly website. So you can put your all business online and can collect the data of your customers for more products marketing etc. For building a website, if you need a web designer or developer for a professional website or you want to consult with experts, then you can contact our Guru Team.

                    Because there are many things, you should keep in mind if you are going for longterm. Because every business needs some time to grow. You can't make a millionaire in one night, as you know we are not playing casino games. We are going to do real business on the internet. So we should be careful about choosing the right platform for a business website, the right hosting, the right domain name that suits your business.

Keyword Research Service

                  After building the website, for writing content, you will need to do keyword research. Why we should do keyword research? The main purpose of keyword research is that so we can know the exact sentence which people are searching for. We will also get some more related keywords which we can also use. You have to understand what people or users are looking for. Now you can do keyword research. You will also need some points during keyword research. So your website can rank on Google fast.
                  After the keyword research, you have to write beautiful content for your users and try to use as many keywords as you can do. But you should keep in mind that you should not do keywords staffing. Google or any other search engines consider it spam. And your website can go down very down and will not come on top easily.
                  We will also write down about the on-page SEO and off-page SEO of your website even it is on any CMS like Wix SEO, WordPress SEO, Magento SEO, Shopify SEO, etc.

How to grow your business on Instagram

                  If you want to grow your business on social media platforms, then there are two ways to grow it in the right way. The first way is to optimize your Instagram account and grow it organically. And it will grow slowly. And the second way is to run an Instagram ads campaign. You can target the perfect audience who will be interested in your products or services you are selling. Now the question arises: "how to run an Instagram ads campaign?" Don't worry! our experts are there to help you all the time. You can ask them to help you. They will run your paid Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter, Pinterest ads and Google AdWords campaigns at a very reasonable cost.
                  There are many technics, you can use on Instagram to grow it. Like you can do hashtags, create Instagram stories, design, or make beautiful Instagram posts. Guru Team is also providing Instagram post or video designer services.

Grow business on Facebook

                  You can also use Facebook to grow your business. You can create a Facebook page or Facebook page shop to sell your products. Facebook have also payment gateways option in feature to receive payments. You can create a Facebook page and optimize it. And then also you can run ad campaigns.  You will also need to expert to target your audience perfectly so it may reach the maximum audience.
                   For creating a Facebook page, SEO of your Facebook, and running an ads campaign, Our Guru Team is available to provide you this service.

How to grow business on Twitter

                   Like other social media platforms, Twitter is also a very good platform to get an audience for your business. There are many big companies that are using Twitter for growing their business. But to keep your Twitter account alive, you will need to post every day, liking and commenting so your business account can remain in the eyes of your customers.  For this purpose, you will need a Twitter manager to grow it organically and help you to set up an ad campaign.

Grow Business on Pinterest

                 Pinterest is also a very popular platform to sell your services or product on it. You can design eye catchy Pinterest pins and videos for your products and can post on Pinterest. But for getting good results, you will need to do some keyword research, hashtags research. And will need to optimize your pins so it can attract many people. 
                 Pinterest also allows you to run paid ad campaigns to reach more customers.
                 There are many other platforms that play a vital role in the marketing of your business like Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit and Tiktok, etc.