How to start online business from home without investment

 how to start online business from home without investment: If you are doing offline business or no business and you are thinking about how to start online business from home without investment then you're on the right place. I will tell you and also help you to start your own business online from home. And also will tell you how you can start it without any investment. But before going into more detail we should know each little and medium point.

What is online business?

The first question which arises in the mind of each person when he hears about online business is "What is online business?". Online business mean converting or selling your products or services online on the internet. In this modern age, every business is turning into online business. Because offline business is only limited to the local areas. The truth of the modern age is that "offline business is dying". Any small business or big business need to be converted into online business. And online business is very helpful to generate more sales and profit than offline business. If a person is selling only paper boxes, he should start selling on the internet. Not only he will generate more sales and profit but will also make a brand in the eyes of people.

Offline Business invest millions of dollars on printing banners and posters etc just for marketing. But you can promote your business more then that with 50% investment. And surely you will get more customers than that.

How to start online Business from home?

People are asking me; "how to start online business from home and generate a nice amount of income?" The first question you must ask yourself is what you have to sell online? and the second question of why people should purchase your product or service? So if you have any product which has any value, then you can make a big profit.

Suppose! you are a graphic designer, or just know to design a business card. You want to earn money from this service then you can earn it because the World is big. But you should know how to sell your service or be hired as a graphic designer. There will be many people and companies will contact you for your service. You just need to know how to find it. But in the modern age of technology, it has become very easy if you have some money for investment.

You can run ad campaigns on Facebook, Adwords, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. You can also promote your service on Youtube as well. But if you are going to do long-term business or want to make a career then yes you will need an official business website which will tell general information about your services. And also you can build an E-commerce website so you can easily get paid or you are selling physical or digital products.

How to design a website or build a website for free

Before building a website, the best CMS you should choose because each CMS has its own pros and cons. Custom the website has its own value but the world is changing and technology has brought many easy CMS for new people who don't know any piece of coding. There are many CMS but trending CMS are:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Blogger (suitable only for Bloggers)
  • Magento
  • Weebly

If you have some knowledge then you should select WordPress, Shopify, Magento and Weebly. But if you are new and don't know anything then the best choice is Wix. However other CMS like WordPress are also easy. Brief detail of each CMS is mentioned below.

Build WordPress Website ( WordPress Development)

Developing your website on WordPress. your will need to buy a custom domain (ex and hosting (hosting is storage where your website hosted and its files stores). There are many companies hosting and domain provider. But in the start, you should make the right decision and should choose the best hosting and domain provider company. If you don't know how to choice let us know we will help you. (Click here to Hire WordPress Developer Service because Guru Team is a WordPress Developer Agency).

Wix website Design & Development

If you are new and don't know anything then the best CMS for building a website or eCommerce store or booking website is Wix. Wix is a very easy and user friendly CMS. There you will no need to buy hosting because Wix provides its own hosting and also you can buy your business domain. However, on Wix, you can create a free website but if you want to connect it with a custom domain then you have to upgrade it. Wix has different packages plans which you can choose according to your needs.

If you don't want how to build a website or an eCommerce Wix website, then Guru Team Wix website designer and development experts are available 24/7 to build a Wix website at a very reasonable cost. They will create a responsive and SEO friendly website for you. And also available to do Wix website SEO and website management.

Shopify website or Store Development Service

If you are going to choose Shopify then you can go with it. It has many payment gateways and also easy like Wix to track your orders and earnings. This platform is best for dropshipping and e-commerce businesses. For Shopify store development, you can contact us (Guru Team).

How to Choose a domain For your website?

If you have already a brand then you can go with it and can buy .com or any other extension domain for your business. But if you are going to do just blogging or promoting a website, then you should find expired domains for it. Because expired domains are easy to rank fast. because already these types of domains have value in search engines. So it is one of the best ways to choose a domain. How to research expired domain? you can get an expired domain research service from Guru Team (expired domain researcher).


If you are serious about how to start online business from home. then this article can help you a lot. And I hope you have got an idea or concept about online business. For more detail or services you can contact us.