Wix Website Designer or Wix website developer services

Guru Team has a professional Wix website designer or Wix website developer to build your professional and responsive website. Wix developer cost is very reasonable. Guru team is here to help you that how you can create a website for free. We make tutorials to design a Wix website and if you watch them you can make it yourself, but if you want professional expert service to design your Wix website, then Guru Team is always available to help you.

Wix website developer or designer

How to create a Wix website for free?

There are many types of websites like services booking websites, eCommerce or online store websites, education website, online coaching or consulting website, Wix blog, new website, real estate website, a Technology websites, dropshipping websites, fashion, music, hotel, restaurant, community website, etc.
Guru Team develops all types of the website according to your requirements. However, if you are going to choose Wix CMS for building your website, then you should know about the Wix pricing and other info about this platform.

Wix as CMS and Wix Pricing

Wix is a very easy CMS for creating a free website. It has a drag and drops and some Wix corvid coding if you want to do something advanced functional. If you are just learning then you can create a free website or blog or online store. 

But if you are going to start your business for the longterm then you should buy Wix packages for adding your custom domain (yourbusinessname.com). Suppose if you are going to lunch an online store and want to sell online. You also want to get paid online using different payment gateways like Paypal, stripe, etc. For using these features, you have to upgrade Wix plans.

Wix offers you free hosting so you will not need to buy hosting like other CMS like WordPress need buy hosting. Wix also offers to buy the domain from the Wix domain finder. You can choose the best domain name which suits your business and can connect it.

Wix pricing Or Wix premium Plans

Wix has two types of premium plans which are divided Wix website plan and the second Ecommerce Store Plan or Business plan.

Wix Website Pricing

Website Plan has four plans which are mentioned below.

Wix pricing plans
wix pricing plans

Business or Ecommerce Plans

Wix vs WordPress for newbie

If you are very new and don't know anything about the website, then Wix is very very easy for the new person to manage and run the website. But if you have basic knowledge about websites, then WordPress is also the best platform. If you are new I will never recommend WordPress. However, WordPress has its own importance.

how much do Wix designers charge? or Wix developer cost?

well, like the shops every developer charges differently. No one has a fixed price. Because each client or customer who is looking for a website designer has different requirements. Like one client wants a 1-page website consists of 6 sections and he also wants to update content and on the other hand, the second customer wants 5 pages website with some additional functions. So the price will be different.

However, we have a list of Wix website developer costs or charges list.

Wix website developer cost
wix developer cost

This packages list is the charges list of the Guru Team. However, all the prices are negotiable.